About Pete Youngs, A.K.A. "Mr. Rehab"

Pete Youngs’ expertise is teaching people how to rehabilitate properties for a fraction of the normal estimated cost. His knowledge and ability to get the highest quality results for the lowest possible price earned his companies such prestigious renovation contracts as the living quarters at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games, Courtyard By Marriott Hotels, two different contracts within international communications giant MCI, Publix Distribution Center, and hundreds of single and multi-family homes nationwide.

From being on multiple TV shows and hundreds of radio interviews Pete will share his 30 years of contractor/investor knowledge with investors and homeowners alike, teaching everyone how to put THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS into your own pocket. Benefit from Pete’s thousands of property tours and live HOME DEPOT classes.

 Pete knows that buying discount properties ensures a lower purchase price, and will teach you valuable contractor techniques to lower your fix up or maintenance costs by 50% or even 75%! You will literally add HUGE DOLLARS to your net worth and equity position whether you own just one home or one hundred homes.

Pete’s success and humor has launched him to featured speaker status at numerous national investment conferences. Pete’s REHAB 101 package and his latest course SWAT (secret ways and techniques) continue to receive awards from various entrepreneurial organizations.

Pete is a successful investor; business owner, author, coach, mentor, lecturer and certified Professional Housing Provider dedicated to helping others to achieve their goals as investors and real estate entrepreneurs. Pete owns North Metro Reia in Atlanta , is President of Metrolina Reia in Charlotte and is CEO of Youngs Enterprises. He has a monthly column in Real Estate Success Magazine, Real Estate Investor Publication, Real Estate Investing Today and is a major supporter of Habitat for Humanity, Gareia, National REIA, THE HOME DEPOT© and other various groups.

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